5 thoughts on “DESIRE

  1. institutanca

    Very interesting topic !! You are going through the deepness of Human Soul !!! The biggest problem of the Humanity in our Century it is Selfishness and Materialism !!! Lots of Humans are more Takers than Givers !! To attend real happiness and Succes it is only when people will get rid of their inner selfishness or when the ” Love of Power will, be reached by the Power of Love ” !!! Agin Desire it is linked and depending on the Consciousness Level !! Believing and Discovering the Real Values , lead Human to a Greatest Life and Happiness !!! In fact it is the Real Life Purpose but majority making a Life Purpose by an exacerbate materialistic desires !!! This leading people to Suffering , wars and hate !!! A lot more to say in this topic !!
    Have a great Day ! 🙂


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