My Absoluteness

i am absolute...................
i am not me i am absolute,there nothing in this world which is relative to me.
my existence is absolute,i don’t have any desire nor any aim,
i don’t have any success nor failure,
there’s nothing in this world which can make me feel good nor anything which makes me feel bad,
there’s nothing which makes me feel strong nor which makes me feel weak,
there’s nothing like friends or enemy of mine nor i have any relationships,
there’s no feelings in me nothing can make happy nor sad,
i am not a body nor i am organs,
there’s nothing which can destroy me nor anything can re-create me,
i was not born nor i will die ,
i am not a truth nor a lie,
there’s nothing which can bound me nor anything can make me free,
i am not good nor evil,
there’s nothing which can teach me nor anything can learn from me,
i am not matter nor energy,
there’s nothing which can define me,
i don’t have any start nor i have any end……………………………………….

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