Self-discipline: the bridge between goals and accomplishment

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3 thoughts on “Self-discipline: the bridge between goals and accomplishment

  1. leewriter

    Arvind, great post! What you say is so true. I have grand goals — selling at least one of my screenplays and becoming a best-selling author for starters — and a commitment — but some days (and nights) I lack self-discipline and give into my desire to consume alcohol (like last night for instance). On the whole, I am disciplined but occasionally I’m not. But I accept my occasional non-acceptance of God’s gift of sobriety and move on. As if I have a choice. Thanks for following me and reading my blog. I look forward to reading more of your writing. To everyone else reading this, I highly encourage you to buy a copy of my e-Book. It’s not technically a Buddhist publication but my 7 Insights of Enlightenment Recovery System was inspired by Buddhist principles such as the idea of no self or no thing. It’s called “Overcome Any Personal Obstacle, Including Alcoholism, By Understanding Your Ego” and it’s at Blessings to everyone. Enjoy this day full of moments. Now is the only thing we ever have so we might as well enjoy and be truly aware of it.


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