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The Aim of Life

When a teacher asks a question to his students.
What is your aim in life?
Most probably he gets different answers from different students and every student wants to achieve what he wants or likes.And anyone can say that every person has a different aim in his life.
But i don’t think so, though the answer vary from person to person the aim of every individuals life is same but the path chosen by every person to achieve his aim is different and that aim is happiness because whatever he do in his life he do it just because it makes him happy.
Every individual roams here and there in this world just in search of happiness or i can say for peace.You can only have a peace of mind only when you are happy.And you will have happiness only when you will do what you love.The Alchemy have taught me a great fact that “Every thing in this world is the manifestation of only one thing only”.In case of our aim that one fundamental thing is happiness.
If you want to achieve your aim in life you should do what you love or what makes you happy.The moment you stop listening to yourself at that moment you are not following your heart and you will not be able achieve your aim.Because from that moment you will not be happy.
If you are not clear about your aim in life just remember that your aim is happiness and do what you love you will achieve your aim in life.

But happiness is our aim in life is what people may think.The Hinduism teaches us that the aim of a persons life should not be happiness or pleasure but Knowledge.Pleasure and happiness comes to an end.It is a mistake to suppose that pleasure or happiness is the goal.Humans thinks happiness or pleasure to be their aim and they expect something everywhere which in return gives them miseries and sadness.

In today’s world most of the people expect good result for whatever they do which is the main cause of their miseries the failure teaches us and we should forget about the result.Whatever be the result of efforts we will do our work that should be the thought inĀ  humans mind.